Chic Girl - Les Tuileries - Paris

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I met this beautiful parisian girl as she was working for
"Grazia Magazine" in les Tuileries. A Kiss from Paris !

Easy Fashion Fred

Fashion Jewelry For Fadz

Costume jewelry is also called “Fashion Jewelry” as it is used mainly for the purpose of fashions. Everything that glitters is not made of gold. Costume jewelry is that which is made of less valuable materials like plastic, base metals, synthetic stones and glass. Basically, in jewelry expensive materials like gems, metals are used but in costume jewelry expensive materials are replaced by the inexpensive materials.
It is an asset for those who use jewelry for fashion purposes. It is so called “costume jewelry” because it is used frequently for stage costume.
Gold over silver and silver over brass are the best combinations. Crystals are also having their own importance in the fashion jewelry. Ivory is mostly used in the preparation of jewelry for men. Acrylic and plastic are involved in the manufacturing of low value jewelry. Most of the products of costume jewelry are handcrafted.
Bracelets, Rings, chains, earrings, necklaces and pendants are most renowned items of costume jewelry. Gems like amber, aquamarine, and garnet, opal, freshwater pearl and amethyst are used in crafting of costume jewelry.
However, care should be taken of the costume jewelry to preserve the shiny appearance of it. You must wipe out the costume jewelry with a soft cloth since its shininess will be lost due to the sweat produced by the body. They must be preserved in smooth pouches and velvet boxes so that they may not become dull and its originality remains same. Dipping this jewelry in some strong solutions may disturb the glowing outlook of the jewelry. It may alter the color of stones on it and sprays, perfumes must be used before the wearing of this costume jewelry. They need some periodical maintenance like they should be rewashed in gold or silver. Dull gems in the costume jewelry are replaced by brighter and new gems to get brighter look.

Fashion Jewelry
Fashion Jewelry
Fashion Jewelry
Fashion Jewelry
Fashion Jewelry

Toms Shoes

Tom’s shoes was founded in 2006 when an American travelling to Argentina observed the plight of the local children who would walk long distances and go about their everyday working to help provide for their families without a pair of shoes on their feet. Their feet were tattered by the elements, blistered, bloody, and infected or at the very least at a high risk for infection. It’s easy to turn a blind eye when the problems of the world aren’t literally staring you in your face; but when you see it right outside your front door you can no longer pretend that these people aren’t alone; and need help and that’s what this American (whose name is Blake Mycoskie) did. He made a commitment to himself and those in need to create a cost efficient shoe that for every pair of shoes he sold, he’d give a pair away to a child in Argentina. Blake Mycoskie became a social entrepreneur overnight because he like all of us had a responsibility to make a difference when we can.

Toms Shoes for Woman
Toms Shoes for Men
All Colors from Toms Shoes
Full Size and Colors Toms Shoes
Toms Shoes Logo
Milk Coffee Toms Shoes
Duo Toms Shoes
New Models from Toms Shoes

Black Toms Shoes

Long Nails Design

For you who have long nails, but you difficult to search models for your long nail, in this page you can find 14 models of long nails, who can make you more comfortable and beautiful . . .

Black Long Nails Design
The Great Motif and Color for Long Nails
Long Nails with Beautiful Pink Color
Simple White Long Nails Design
Elegant Brown Long Nails Color
Classic Halloween Long Nails Design
Box Long Nails Shape
Shiny Red Long Nails
Unique Shape Black Long Nails
The Most Beautiful Natural Long Nails Design
Natural Long Nail with Beautiful Shape
Full of Black Long Nails
Natural Long Nails
Unique Silver Nails Design

Nail Arts

Fruit Nail Arts Design
Cute and Great Design from Nail Art
Full Colors and Models for Nails
Luxury Black Color Mixed with Silver
Black and White Nail Art Look Very Beautiful
Simple and Elegant Nail Arts Design
Beautiful Nail Art Design

Nail Animation, after u painting or coloring your Nails, you can take this cute animation in your nail which type who you like

Nail Art Pen
Sunlight Nail Art Design
Beautiful Nail Art Design
Simple Nail Art

The Great Fashion 2011

The Most Beautiful and Elegant Party Dresses
All About Great Fashion 2011
Sexy and Luxury Dress Design
Elegant Long Dress
Unique Long Dresses Design
Unique and Elegant Short Dress
Dresses Party Fashion
Long Dress Fashion
Simple and Elegant Dress
Great Coat Fashion
London Fashion Week
Dresses Fashion Show
Great Jacket Fashion
Unique Jeans Dress
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