2009-2010 Emo Hair Trends

EMO hair styles have become very popular amongst the youth. The guys and girls both want to carry this new hyped “cool look”. The emo hairstyle offers a wide variety of hair styles to both the sexes. This hair style is particularly popular with boys where the hair is cut in straight and side swept bangs. This is the most standard EMO cut for a boy. It adds length and density to the hair and gives you the cool look with an attitude. The inter net is loaded with images of guys carrying the cool EMO hair style. To get a proper EMO look the hair cut is followed by coloring the hair in funky colors like bright blue or apple red or grey color. This funky look is very popular in the west particularly in European cities like Paris and London.

emo girl hair style picture @ fashion-emo-hairstyles.blogspot.com

The EMO hair style for girls has an equally wide range of hair styles. It has the range for short hair, medium hair and long hair. The short hair is given the standard bob look with side swept bangs. The medium length hair is kept at shoulder length and the hair is cut in fancy side swept cut with hair falling over the fore head. For long hair the look is kept very standard with blunt ends given to the hair falling at the back. The celebrity known to carry the EMO look is the pop star sensation Avril Lavige. The EMO hair style for girls is followed with coloring of hair in shocking pink of red brown color.
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