There's a reason why Masha and Ana made the Forbes top 10 list.

Masha looks fantastic. She wasn't kidding when she said she loved menswear. I could do without the leggings, but the blazer does look great. So chic! She looks like she works at an ad agency.



Ana looks great. Doesn't she look like she works for Lucky or Teen Vogue or something? I love her new haircut. Makes her look more sophisticated while the dress still plays to her "I'm so young and cute!" demographic.


Sveta, Elena D, and Elena Vesnina yukkin' it up in Russian. Lena D looks ready for a night on the town. Sveta looks like she's going to a Feist concert. You can't see it in the picture but she's wearing some dirty white Cons.


Ana's potential QF opponent, Vera Zvonereva. I have the number for a good tailor, honey. Call me.

And Canada's Girl of the Month, Alexandra Wozniak, who, in an act so punk that Joey Ramone would bow down, refused to put bronzer on her ridiculous white feet. You go, girl.


Pics courtesy of WTA Tennis Forums.
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