Summer Fashion Tips: 10 things to remember this summer to look amazing

hot summer tips imageSummer fashion is heating up. From sporty and chic to lighter and brighter patterns, but first of all you must remember few important things to really look great and amazing this hot season.

1. Sun protection
Always wear a sunscreen. No matter where you are – at the beach, at work or at home, always wear sunscreen. The sun’s UV rays can easily damage your skin. The sun radiation make your skin age prematurely, change the skin’s structure and can form dark spots. Using sunscreens now would definitely deliver benefits later in life.

2. Let your skin breath
Leave the foundation off. Seriously, there is nothing worse than seeing a woman with greasy foundation. During the day use lighter products such as face powder or concealer and apply them only to the problem areas. You can use a little foundation in the evening to create more even base for the makeup, but choose oil-free product. Let your skin breath, even for a while.

3. Sun-kissed tan
A sun-kissed tan can make wonders for your appearance. Applying bronzers and bronzing powders are wonderful ways to give your face a sun-kissed tan.

4. Light shades
Keep the dark eyeshadows for the evening. Summer is the time for the light shades, close to your natural skin tone. A little sheen at the edge of the brows and brown mascara will liven up your face.

5. Water impermeability
We advise you not to go to the beach wearing makeup, but if you can’t – use waterproof products. Use waterproof mascara – it won’t dissolve in water, but never, never go to the beach wearing foundation or face powder.

6. Summer glow
Buy body lotion with light-reflecting ingredients and apply it to the whole body, but don’t forget to exfoliate your body beforehand. Your body will be dazzlingly and healthy-looking.

7. Fresh cheekbones
Use blusher to add color to your face and to warm up your skin. Smile and apply it with a wide sable brush to the cheeks.

8. Lovely feet
Do a pedicure to enhance the appearance of your feet – use light colors, pink, peachy, red and blue are appropriate for the hot summer months.

9. Protect your hair
Yes, as well as the skin, the hair is also susceptible to sun damage - use hair products with SPF protection, wear hats or head scarves.

10. Sun protection
Our first advice was to protect your skin from the sun, and it is the same and now. It’s really very important. Even if you don’t wear any makeup a sunscreen is a must.

So by doing this tips, I can assure you that you will be having very beautiful summer season coming ahead of you.
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