Sundress Fashion - How to Choose a Sexy Sundress

It's a well-known fact that the sundress is one of the sexiest dresses a woman can wear. And men agree, as 42% of men prefer the sundress over jeans or a dress that is more formal, according to one study.

In order to look your best, there are certain criteria to consider when choosing a sexy sundress.

Bust Size

For women with a larger than average bust size, try a dress with a square top. This will give you a great look without saying, "Hey, look at these!"

If you would like to accentuate the chest, try a dress with an empire waist (the waist line is above the natural waist line, often up as high as right below the bust). These type of dresses are also good at concealing the "super pear" figure (bottom heavy) or larger-than-average waist.

Hip Size

Girls with slightly larger waists may want to try an A-line sundress. This means that the dress is typically more narrow up top and flares out towards the bottom.

If you have larger than average legs, try a long, flowing sundress. If your legs are smooth and sun-tanned then by all means show them off!

Strapless or Not?

If you have great, toned shoulders, a nice neck and a slim figure definitely buy a few strapless sundresses. Dresses with spaghetti straps also work well for this type.


Girls who are shorter than average should choose a shorter dress to make your legs appear longer...or just because you like short dresses!

Dress Color

Whatever works for you. If you have a basic white dress and a few pastel colors hanging up in your closet you can't go wrong.

Class or Style?

Guess what-with a sundress you can have both!

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