Women's Cardigans - Build a Stylish Fall Wardrobe

The women's cardigan is a wonderful article of clothing for you to include in your wardrobe. You can wear it anytime, and you can pair it with many different types of blouses. Sometimes, women aren't sure when to wear a cardigan, or how to wear it.

Women's cardigan sweaters can be worn in quite a few different ways. You can leave them closed or open, and perhaps include a pin or broach at the top. If you leave it open, you can wear it with only a few of the middle buttons open. For a more casual look, you can simply leave it all the way open. If you wish to look more conservative, you can button it up, either a few buttons or all the way up. For an updated look, you can leave the front open and roll the sleeves up. This makes it a bit more tight on your arms, but it gives you a stylish and fashionable look.

When selecting a women's cotton cardigan or wool cardigan, imagine it with the outfit you plan to pair it with. You can use it instead of a coat or jacket, and it still allows you to show your outfit off. If you want to look very casual, you can wear your cardigan over a tank top or t-shirt, with jeans underneath. Alternately, you can wear it over a white shirt of button-down style, with a pencil skirt or work trousers. If you're going out in the evening, select a dark cardigan, like navy, brown or black, and wear this over a tank top with tight jeans or leggings. For a casual daytime look, the women's cardigan can be paired over a summer or day dress.

You can wear a cardigan almost anytime, in any season. A cotton cardigan can be worn nearly year-round. In wintertime, you can wear it with sweaters, and in the summer, you can pair it with t-shirts, dresses or skirts. Take your women's cashmere cardigan with you when you go on vacation, or if you're stepping out for the day. You can carry it around more easily than a jacket, and it can keep you every bit as warm, particularly if it's cashmere or wool. A double breasted cardigan makes an excellent add-on for business or office suits. If you chill easily, you can even wear a cardigan under a suit jacket, for warmth.

You can purchase cardigans in many different types of materials. Easily the most sumptuous is a cardigan made from cashmere. This material is so soft, and great for any season except summer. They are quite warm, and they can still help you to maintain fashion and style. Other available materials include wool, silk and cotton. Wool cardigans can be a bit scratchy, but you will normally have a blouse on underneath it anyway. Wool also gives you the warmth of cashmere without the expense. Silk cardigans dress up any outfit, and they're great to wear out in the evening. It can be expensive, as well. Cotton cardigans can be worn any season and they are the most reasonably priced to purchase. Whatever the fabric, you will enjoy the feeling of luxury in a women's cardigan.
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